Deals of the Day – September 10th

Great deal on high quality kid tablets today, especially if you need more than one.

These smart plugs are great to use on kids outlets that have lamps.  It’s a great for lamp nightlights because you don’t have to sneak into the kids room to turn it off.  “Ok Google (Alexa), turn off all the lights”.

Mac and Cheese—not the healthiest meal but hey sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and this is a great price.

Awesome kid building blocks, use the code BXSPXMD7 at checkout to lower the price to $15.99!

Keep the healthy food coming with this great KitchenAid on sale today.

Arthur Season 9

You probably remember how awesome it is, but Arthur is a fantastic show for kids.  Season 9 is available on Amazon now for only $1.99.

Here’s one last one for mom and dad if you’re looking to get a new phone.  Great deal on this unlocked LG G6+ 128 GB phone!

These deals are for September 10th, and may be expired or changed if you’re looking at this post on a later date.