Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Finding the Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

The Nintendo switch is a fantastic game console for kids and the whole family.  It has a great selection of family friendly games that everyone will enjoy.  It’s not hard to google or search amazon for games, but here are our recommendations of some of the best Nintendo switch games for kids that mom and dad can enjoy too.

The Classics

Zelda is a well-known hero that we’ve all come to love.  This games might have controls that are a tad difficult for younger tykes, but kids over age 6 or so will love them.  Breath of the Wild is a games that have rich story lines and great replay-ability.  You’ll definitely get your money worth of enjoyment from this one.

Mariokart is a fun racing game that is fun for the whole family.  It even has control-helps for your younger kids that help keep your kids on track and going the right way, similar to how bumpers help little kids go bowling.

Minecraft is another classic that kids all love.  It encourages creativity, teamwork, and exploration.  There’s even a school in Sweden that has made Minecraft a compulsory art of the curriculum!  Hours and hours of fun and learning!

Lego Games on the Switch

Got a kid that loves legos?  Check out these lego switch games that have fun stories and often humorous plot elements.

Human Fall Flat

Here’s one that’s great for the laughs.  Human Fall Flat has had our kids laughing out loud with their friends.  It’s a fun physics game.

Alternatives to Nintendo Switch

The Switch and it’s games a little pricey?  Check out our post on tablets if you’d like a more cost effective way of getting some fun/educational tech to your kids.

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